Government Fruit Canteens for School and College Students

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In this diet conscious era we students have to face shortage of nutritious and healthy products in the canteen of our college campus or schools. Only few things we find in canteens are patties, Maggy, Chips, Cold Drinks, readymade sandwiches, pastries etc. These things don't seem to be healthy as a staple diet. 

   Fruits on the other hand are neglected by these canteens either because they see less profit or they are accustomed to what they already sell. 

  My only wish is if there were government  authorised Fruit Shops in every college and school , which would be hyegenic , have varieties of fruit products ( cut fruits, chaat, banana splits, sandwiches , shakes , juices etc.) , Subsidised by the Government .

  Friends please help my petition to reach the HRD minister of India because only he could bring this change.