Make Social Service a mandatory subject in school for an egalitarian India

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Our children are part of a fiercely competitive, fast paced world characterized by individualism and instant gratification. This ends up shaping their minds and personalities in manners that are often undesirable. There is an acute need for sensitizing them to realities and issues beyond themselves, connecting them with the world and reflecting on it; eventually to result in positive actions for changing the world around them. There is so much emphasis on marks and competition in today’s education that holistic understanding of the world is getting amiss. We are looking at creating an egalitarian society with an inclusive approach towards growth and progress.

We need to have a compulsory subject of Community Service and Societal consciousness that provides students holistic development approach and connect them to social service beyond Sewa. We at Orion Square work with students on community service and challenges faced by the Nation and its people today, connected with UN SDG goals hence we see this as an acute gap. Through this the students come up with innovative ideas and solutions for addressing issues that plague the Nation.

The students going to schools are disconnected with ground realities and the vision of India. This step will be a single footstep for great change for the future of country. Social service as a mandatory curriculum worldwide increase the stability of students, which can decrease crime, depression, challenges faced by marginalized, underpriviliged, differently abled, reduce hunger and malnutrition, discrimination in society, equality and economic distress etc, and hence promote Diversity and Inclusiveness