Make Moral & Civic Education A Compulsory Subject In Schools

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Moral etiquettes, civic sense, courtesy, decorum and dignity are the proprietary elements of good behavior in traditional culture, but are diminishing in Indian societies.
Good manners & a strong civic sense are critical in every aspect of life. Without manners, people would be unable to communicate decently with each other. Vandalism, intolerance, racism, road rage happen because of a lack of civic sense.
With the degeneration of ethical values and the tragic deterioration of standards of our social, economic and political life, the need for a new model of values for our children at an early stage will provide a firm foundation for national development.
The need of the hour, therefore, is to effectively get back to the fundamentals of our civilization. A well planned and coherent education system with effective training strategies and concentrated efforts will be able to instill values among our younger generation until it becomes their second nature.
Educated youth can take the lead by not only setting good examples but also by reaching out and getting actively involved in an important cause; be it education, health or other related concerns the society is facing.
 The current education system needs transformation and realignment
Therefore, in pursuance of promoting a more civilized society, I strongly urge you to support this petition to direct the HRD Ministry to include the subjects of Moral Science and Civil Values as compulsory subjects in schools Pan India  with the primary objective to inspire each citizen to become brand ambassadors of social, moral and ethical values.