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Make it Compulsory for all Educational Institute to study detailed CONSTITUTION OF INDIA

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India got Indepence on 1947 and we the people of India given our selves the Constitution of India.

The Constitution of India most precious written document consisting esence of Socialism, Equality, Secularity, Liberty, Justice and Faternity. For each and every citizen of India irrespective of Caste, Creed, Financial Status, Political party Favourism, and Gender.

After 70 year the essence is not spreaded to all its citizen. Ignorance of Rule of Law is not an excuse.

All Rights and Duties are manupulated by polliticians. Essence of secularism overpowered by relligiousness. Equality wiped out by reserved and previllaged one. Liberty subpressed in fear of life. And Justice is in a mocking position where thousands of cases pending.

To bring the change we need to change. Constitution of India is base of all. Learning and understanding it create the rationality of "We the Indians."

Constitution is the Sovereign Document and no individual is above that.

To fight back todays situation of India in every sector is like Religious war, finance, Education, Health, Safety, Pollitical Manupulation, Economic imbalance.

And to enjoy free progressive India

Empower ourselves and make it compulsory from class 5 grade onwards in every school and Educational Institutes to learn and understand the Essence of CONSTITUTION OF INDIA.



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