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Let’s Save the Earth!

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The Earth is becoming very hot! This increase in temperature is because of Global Warming. Global warming is one of the most important problems we are facing.

There are many causes of Global Warming. Many individuals are cutting down trees for paper, building homes and factories and offices. The burning of fossil fuels increases the greenhouse house gases like carbon dioxide.  

There are many ways to stop global warming. When there is an increase in temperature, the polar ice melts and the sea level increases this cause floods. Lakes and oceans evaporate and we have lots of rainfall. This causes floods.

Please help us save The Earth. Please help us save water. One way to reduce global warming is by raising awareness. The other way is to reduce global warming is by reducing greenhouse gases. We should use reusable bags, bottles, and containers. We should use carpool and public transport because they reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. We should reduce the carbon footprint. We should not burst crackers. We must save electricity. So turn off the tap & save water when we water the plants & we wash our car.An Unstoppable Initiative

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