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justice for a 15 year child who committed suicide

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A boy is dead. A child, a son, a grandson, a friend is dead. And we are left to wonder what has happened, what had pushed that boy to take such a drastic step. He jumped from the terrace while his grandparents were three steps away from snatching him back to safety. And we are left to wonder, whether he would have been with us if the distance of those three steps had not been there. He called his parents to say goodbye, called his friend to say goodnight. And we are left to wonder, what if we could have said something to stop him, and I had not been able to talk to him. And I am left to wonder what is that he wanted to say. The news of his death doesn’t seem real still, for I am left to wonder whether I will find any message from him when I will pick up my phone. He was suspended and rusticated from school by BIRLA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Kishangarh principal, Sanjay Tiwari, because he dared to stand against a bully. And we are left to wonder, is bravery a crime. He was thrown out of the school because he slapped principal’s own son for abusing a girl. And we are left to wonder, since when a good deed is paid back by humiliation and rustication from the school. Vishal, like your name, you have been larger than life. While the people responsible for your depression and death are hiding inside their cubicles and spouting lies, we are here praying for your soul to rest in peace and find the justice it deserves. We stand together, brother, for your truth and for your justice. You are alive in all our hearts and you will remain so. May the horses in heaven take you to a better place.

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