IGNOU must abide by the Honourable's court's decision and stop discrimination

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IGNOU is a central University under Ministry of HRD Government of India offering courses pan India.

UGC DEB is a body under UGC which recognize distance and open learning degrees only for the job under central government. For Higher education, no DEB approval is required. 

In the Guwahati High Court order, the honourable court directed IGNOU to recognize degrees obtained from The Global Open University, Nagaland  and even in the Sikkim Manipal University case  the honourable Supreme Court directed government to approve degrees obtained by students of Sikkim Manipal University in distance mode irrespective of  the location from where they have pursued



Despite these 2 orders, IGNOU is refuse to allow students to pursue higher education courses from IGNOU defying the honourable court orders and without any basis. 

 Below is the email and response from IGNOU

Dear Mr Kutty,


How did you come to the conclusion that she has obtained a degree by
violating territorial jurisdiction?

Does IGNOU work on the basis of fact or on the basis of assumption?

Can you please provide the documents of the decision making i.e. when and
on what basis the decision has been taken and which section of IGNOU Act
used to make such decision?

The MHRD circular about DEB approval only required in terms of job and not
for education. Even when IGNOU was in regulatory control of distance
education through DEC, you people granted approval to private universities
and even private institutes like SCDL and Welingkar for money. These whole
illegitimacy is product of your corruption and our illegitimate baby.
I am founder of this NGO and a corporate executive for more than a decade
and have worked MNCs like Sony, Metropolis. Have you gone and ever checked
what is the value of your program such as MBA MCA BCA etc?
Do you verify degree and the qualification submitted by each student? Mind
it, Mumbai University does for all students and it is mandatory.

Do you know BITS offer degree for working professional at their workplace
even do not need to go exam centre. Same with IIT Hyderabad and now Madras
thats too engineering degree and masters. They damn care about AICTE and
all these. Do you dare to reject those degrees, because it comes with a

How do you know that a state university does not award degree in violation
of territorial jurisdiction? I can give you many example- almost all
universities in south India including Madras, Annamalai, Bharatidasan,
Bharathiar. Even TISS kind of institutes are offering program in
partnership with private institutes many program across India.

There are private universities who are showing a distance degree as a full
time such as shridhar University , Bhagwant University, Jodhpur national,
Technoglobal etc so how do you infer that those degrees are distance and
not full time one?

Please look into the case studies cited where High Court (Guwahati, in
case of TGOU) and Supreme Court (in case of Sikkim Manipal) has given
verdict in the favour of students. I am sure if tomorrow student file a
petition, you will be in a bad condition.

You are also acting ultra vires and not accepting degree of a university
established by passing in Act in a state legislature and challenging
legitimacy and power of a state which is definitely unconstitutional.

Kindly look into the issue and provide all the logical and supporting
documents for such decision else we have option of RTI and PIL of course
in place where IGNOU does not have any chance of winning.

By acting in such manner, you will also compel us to file a petition in
the respective high court and supreme court for contempt of the court for
acting against its judgment.

I have enough evidence of mail exchanged with IGNOU when it was under
control of DEC including Dr Lele proving IGNOU had maladministration and
hasn't acted with all precaution and care.

I can still accept that if this university in the list of Chhatisgarh in Prof Yashpal Vs State of Chhatisgarh 2005 where the hon'ble supreme court had declared those universities as derecognized.

Awaiting your positive and student friendly reply

Request to Hon'ble Supreme Court: Please accept this email as a complaint and also accept as a PIL and grant relief as you have granted in following case

Judgment of the Hon’ble High Court of Sikkim in WP(C) 4/2013 titled as Sikkim Manipal University Vs IGNOU & Ors
Judgment of the Hon’ble High Court of Sikkim in WP(C) 8/2015 titled as Mr. Prahlad Dani Chhetri & Ors Vs Union of India & ors
Judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in SLP (C)No. 26223/2015 & SLP (C )No. 26239/2015

To the honourable Guwahati high court
This is a clear case of contempt of court. I request the honourable court to proceed against IGNOU official judgment dated 16th June 2015 w.pc. no 217 (k) of 2013 with wp (c) no 8(k) of 2014

link: https://nagaland.net.in/Court%20Decision%2016%20June%202015%20on%20Recognition%20by%20Distance%20Education%20Council%20-%20DEC.pdf

to Mr. Prakash Javadekar:
IGNOU is full with the people who do not use logic. The tweak rules and regulations as when they want to make money and huge involved in corruption. Please take necessary action. I have complained you several times with evidence and above mail is self explanatory.

This is not a mistake of student. She and many others relied on it is being a state private university and in the list of UGC approved university.

Please act to improve education not to behave like as a nut to become boss of everything (IGNOU, AICTE , UGC and DEB)

President, Samvad Foundation

On 12 June 2017 at 13:58, Govind. Samvad Foundation <govind@samvadfoundation.org> wrote:
---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Re: Degree acquired from The Global Open University (Private
University), Nagaland under ODL mode - reg.
From: "k.k. kutty" <kkkutty@ignou.ac.in>
Date: Mon, June 12, 2017 1:16 pm
To: govind@samvadfoundation.org
Cc: r84@gmail.com
"Purnendu Tripathi -DD-RC" <purnendu.tripathi@ignou.ac.in>

Sub: *Degree acquired from The Global Open University (Private
University), Nagaland*,

*under ODL mode* – reg.


Dear Mr.Govind,


In connection with your trailing mail, I am, by direction, to inform that
The Global Open University, Nagaland, is a *Private University* established
u/s 2(f) of UGC Act. As per provisions of *UGC (Establishment of and
Maintenance of Standards in Private Universities) Regulations, 2003*,
Private Universities can operate *within the territorial jurisdiction of
the concerned State *(copy enclosed). Besides, UGC has issued
Circulars/Notifications from time to time to all the Universities in the
country to limit the system of programme delivery of distance
education *within
the State* (scanned copies enclosed).


As of now, IGNOU is not accepting the degrees obtained from Private/State
Universities under ODL mode through a *Study Centre/Learning Centre
located beyond the territorial jurisdiction of the concerned State.* The
rule position is also printed in the Common Prospectus.


For any further clarification on the matter, you may kindly approach UGC,
Distance Education Bureau.


All the Best !


K.K.Kutty, SRD, IGNOU.

*Encl:* as above

On Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 10:15 AM, Purnendu Tripathi <
purnendu.tripathi@ignou.ac.in> wrote:

> Kindly arrange a suitable response Kutty Ji.
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: vco office <vco@ignou.ac.in>
> Date: Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 10:20 AM
> Subject: Fwd: Unprofessional behaviour of IGNOU Students admission and
> Registration
> To: Purnendu Tripathi -DD-RC <purnendu.tripathi@ignou.ac.in>
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Govind. Samvad Foundation <govind@samvadfoundation.org>
> Date: Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 6:42 PM
> Subject: Unprofessional behaviour of IGNOU Students admission and
> Registration
> To: sedgrievance@ignou.ac.in, ssc@ignou.ac.in
> Cc:4@gmail.com, vc@ignou.ac.in, vco@ignou.ac.in
> Dear Sir,
> This complaint is about highly unprofessional behaviour of IGNOU staff
> which is definitely beyond authority and ultra vires. It looks IGNOU has
> become higher than the supreme court, UGC and MHRD.
> The issue is pertaining to Ms P Kaur Dhaliwal. She has completed
> her graduation from The Global Open University Nagaland and she in fact
> has all the documents and verification stating in her favour of being a
> bonafide student of The Global Open University, Nagaland. When she tool
> admission in The said university it had approval of UGC as well as DEC.
> However, when she applied to IGNOU for MA in psychology, IGNOU never
> responded in writing but on phone informed that her admission has been
> cancelled due to dispute of territorial jurisdiction of The Global Open
> University, Nagaland.
> Her control number is 172679. Please refer attached file for more details.
> Definitely IGNOU's response is ultra vires and following is the reason:
> Fact #1: UGC came with the territorial jurisdiction clause of universities
> after formation of the DEB under UGC through public notice no F 27-1/2012
> dated 27th June 2013. The territorial jurisdiction was not in existence
> before this. In fact for many years multiple universities about whom I
> have reported time to time were selling full time degrees through agency
> (please see exhibit A) and about it I in fact complained to PMO’s office
> and your UGC officer shamelessly closed the case stating the complaint is
> “in general” whereas I have enough evidence and email copy of
> communication exchanged with UGC, DEC, IGNOU, Ministry of HRD.
> Fact#2: The gazette notification of 2015 clearly stated that a degree
> awarded by a university established by an Act of Parliament or State
> Legislature and approved by DEC and DEB automatically stands recognized
> for employment under union government. This clarifies that DEC/ DEB
> recognition is applicable only for government job and DEB has no power to
> declare a degree as valid or invalid. (Please see annexure B) The DEB is
> so corrupt that it has again granted recognition to tainted universities
> like Sikkim Manipal University and many non universities institute such as
> Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL), Welingkar Mumbai who offers
> courses across India. In fact, it granted recognition to Assam Don Bosco,
> Amity University, Jodhpur National University, Jaipur National University
> and Assam Down Town University who offer completely online degree course
> across the world. In such case IGNOU has no rights to refuse to admit a
> student if she/ he is qualifying in the minimum qualification prescribed.
> Fact #3: Please refer Guwahati high court W.P. no. 217 (k) of 2013 and
> W.P. © no. 8 (k) of 2014 where the honourable high court directed UGC DEB
> to grant provision recognition to The Global Open University as corruption
> mired IGNOU. AICTE and UGC never did the inspection despite several
> request and directed to form inspection committee to carry out necessary
> inspection to The Global Open University, Nagaland. Refusing to accept the
> court direction is contempt to court and the degree as well as university
> stands much more valid. IGNOU has no rights to recognize degree of a
> university established by legislation of the state.
> Fact #4: In the various judgment, honourable supreme court granted
> recognition to tainted Sikkim Manipal University degree upto 2014.
> Naturally, if another private university’s degree has recognition on the
> same ground, another university’s degree cannot be questioned. Then we
> should question the capacity of rational thinking of judges and the court
> whether they have delivered the judgment with bias, prejudice and with a
> view to do some favour and even if it is done, we have no right to
> question. Please refer SC judgment of writ petition WP © 4 2013 Sikkim
> Manipal University V/s IGNOU and others WP (c ) 8/2015 Prahlad Dani
> chhetri Vs Union of India and others. Definitely IGNOU is not above the
> supreme court.
> Therefore we request you to :
> Direct IGNOU staff to consider Ms. P Kaur Dhaliwal’s application
> for MA Psychology and immediately confirm her admission. Also direct IGNOU
> students registration staff to not come with their own rules and
> regulation contrary to UGC guideline and supreme court as well as high
> court order. They have no rights to take fundamental rights of a citizen
> i.e. right to live life with dignity and no discrimination. (Please refer
> annexure C for her student application details)
> Awaiting for your positive and prompt response
> Regards
> Govind
> President
> Samvad Foundation


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