Formulate a strong child protection policy for private schools in India

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Parents and guardians have been running towards private school as they believe that  the big private schools have better discipline, education, management ,protection  and many other benefits for their  children. But, the murder of student of Class 2 inside the bathroom of  Ryan International School in Bhondsi, Haryana,  has triggered widespread outrage. The  seven-year-old was killed by the school’s bus conductor who slit the boy’s throat with a kitchen knife after allegedly attempting to sexually assault him on Friday, 8th September'17.  This is one of the cases of brutality and murder of  the child inside  the premises of a reputed school but there are many other such incidents reported across the county in schools.    

We have many questions in mind that why a school driver and student is using same toilet?  how does he brought the knife inside the school, who will ensure safety of our children is schools?, what are the monitoring systems? or so on....      

Many of us send or have desire to send our children to these schools where the state has no regulation or policy for protection of our children. The schools authorities never face legal actions or take responsibilities in such cases due to lack of policy and law.  

It is high time to stand for our children and to make efforts for ensuring their safety inside schools!