Continuing education for Diploma Engineers

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Respected Sir,

Subject: Continuing Education for Diploma engineers for their knowledge enhancement.

We are writing this petition on behalf of more than 30 Lakhs Engineering Diploma holders.

We would like to inform you that maximum no of Diploma engineers works in public and private organisation at different  project locations spread all over India to make nation and social lives better and there will be very less chance to continue their education and to get the degree completed.

This is because Projects will be of short time frame, for example, 1-2 years for construction of metro rail or water, road or any substation or anything except of manufacturing sector.

Owing to the above conditions, it is not possible to Diploma engineers to complete their degree and also recent verdict from Supreme Court ruled out technical degree through distance education.

Herewith we, Diploma Engineers request MHRD, UGC, AICTE to recognize the Diploma Engineers grievances on our continues education and Kindly consider Engineering Diploma + 5 Years of work Experience as Equivalent to degree for the purpose of taking admission to the Post graduate courses in Management like MBA, PGDM etc as the admission to these courses need graduation.

We would like to restate that 3 years Diploma in engineering has imparted value-added and need-based responsive technical education, to meet the challenge of the liberalization, Privatization and globalization, made us self sustainable and overall development through consultancy research developmental activities for positive and productive socio-economic development of our nation. Uplift the rural-folk through a community services.

And also 5 years of Work experience gave us the valuable learning’s in the technical, social and management field. In other word, we have completed 5 years in gaining the Engineering knowledge in practical way.

The fact  3 years of diploma + 5 years of in hand learning of the subjects, is more effective than the 5-6 years of theoretical degree.

However, merely based on the single fact that we have completed Technical diploma in the past, we request you not to treat us like we are not eligible to continue our education and Diploma engineers could only do Diploma.

You are humbly requested recognize the Technical diploma + 5 years of Work experience is equivalent to Degree for the sake of the career of millions of diploma holders who belong to the economically weaker section of society.