CBSE rules for teachers need to be more humane and sensitive

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My wife is a school teacher and she is in this profession for last 10 years. 

She has been suffering from back pain and fatigue on and off and keep on visiting Orthopaedic and then to physiotherapists but things never get normal. She shared that one of her colleagues has developed black spots on her feet and on diagnosis it has been found that the blood vessels have ruptured due to long hours of standing.

Today while I was chatting with her casually, I got to understand a very shocking rule introduced by Ministry of HRD for the CBSE Board teachers and which later got adopted by all schools, which apparently is the cause of this physical strain and illness. 

The rule introduced by HRD Ministry during Mr. Kapil Sibal’s tenure as the Minister of this dept., is that TEACHERS CANNOT SIT WHILE TEACHING. 

Most of the teachers in schools are females and this kind of insensitive ruling is not only inhuman for teachers who has to stand for almost 5-6 hours daily but also it effects their health condition. 

I would therefore request Mr. Prakash Javadekar, Minister for HRD to relook at this ruling and amend to make teaching a more human job. The emphasis has to be on quality teaching...making the teachers stand and teach is certainly not the solution.