CBSE, Rethink on Class X board exams! Save our students!

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I write this message to express my shock and sadness over CBSE's decision to re-introduce Class X board examinations. By this move, our resolve to provide pressure free and holistic education to our children has taken a step back. The continuous evaluation scheme, envisioned an environment where a student got to explore his/her passion with freedom and confidence. The stigma of cut throat competition, no doubt was removed to a great extent. I can confidently say this, Sir, since I am a product of that very scheme. I felt I could learn and actually enjoy every day at school, which were filled with innovative discussions, quizzes, debates and lots more. Indeed, it was a step taken to change the general mindset of our education system; a very bold one indeed.

Unfortunately, such bold decisions are often seen as too ambitious and struck down. Now, classrooms will once again turn out to be just rooms where students' minds are filled with endless facts and figures, that might tend to carry a couple of marks in their exams. Schools would return to being host to atleast a 100 examinations every student would be forced to take as preparation for their final rendezvous. All the co-curricular classes will be diverted to more "important" subjects. Tuition and coaching centres are bound to flourish, with their endless promises to anxious parents. Every student will by pushed by all elements of our society to not miss that one mark, which, many claim, might decide their fate. Alas, our children will return to being nothing but mark making machines.

The very objective of education is to ignite that spark of doubt, of ideas and it's success lies in the freedom every student enjoys.
Finland, the foremost nation in education today, has been instrumental in driving examinations out of their system. They are very vocal about inter-disciplinary education and give equal importance to all activities that enrich a student's physical and mental well-being. On the contrary, Sir, CBSE has taken this unfortunate decision to force students into a cage where they'll be forced to recite their master's orders. Devoid of any physical exercise, they'll end up being just sources of facts without any intelligence and individual thinking.

Most newspaper articles termed reasons for doing away with CCE because of huge amount of paperwork teachers had to do and they did not "test" the students. I am very sure, students like us, who have passed through CCE would vehemently oppose board exams, since we had to go through the same torture in our class XII. Such schemes that might be against a society's view, yet might be game changing in time, should be given every encouragement possible from our side, Sir.

I would like to suggest atleast a few changes to the new system.
1. (MOST IMPORTANT) I sincerely request, through you, to CBSE to kindly to switch to GRADING system, rather than giving results as marks
2. Please reduce the weightage given to the final exam (80% proposed) to 50-60% and give the rest of the weightage to innovative formative assessments.
3. Co-curricular activities be due importance, as was done in CCE scheme.

These changes, if implemented would be halfway between both schemes and might reduce the stress on students to some extent.

I request you to consider the above points and direct the appropriate authorities to initiate necessary action at the earliest. The future our Indian education system looks forward to, is very much dependent on this, sir.