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This message is aimed at bringing the government's/ concerned authority's attention to the following issues:
1) The recent displacement of a significant number of adhoc/ temporary DU teachers in the wake of permanent appointments made in Law Faculty and in the Department of Education.
2) The MHRD'S decision to reduce funds given to Central Universities.
3) Delay in the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission and inadequacy in the revised salary and pension rates.
4) The introduction of contractual jobs in the academia, and the rollback of promotions and pensions.

The aforementioned issues explicitly affect the academic community as a whole- the teachers as well as the students. We, as students, are major stakeholders in the situation and are therefore, in the line of fire as much as our teachers.
●The sudden move of displacing the hardworking adhoc/ temporary teachers is gratuitous and has rendered many of them jobless.
●This blithe disregard for the efforts put in by the teachers acts as a deterrent to the aspiring and competent teachers who may harbour second thoughts while entering the said profession.
●In the long run, the students will suffer because lack of good teachers implies lack of sound education.
●Similarly, the failure of the government to implement the 7th Pay Commission, to remove discrepancies in recruitments and promotions and to address the inadquecies in the revised salary and pension rates calls for urgent action.
●MHRD's decision that colleges will have to generate 30% of the funds on their own leaves the latter with no choice but to increase the fees of the students. The outcome will be a tremendous hike in our college fees and an additional burden on our parents.

Teachers act as a cornerstone for an educational system and for the latter to function well, it is imperative that the pedagogic fraternity is accorded the respect it deserves. As a student and hence as an affected party, I demand the following measures to be taken to resolve the stated issues:
1) Ensure regularisation/ absorption of long serving ad hoc/ temporary professors.
2) Re-evaluate the decision to slash funds provided to the Central Universities.
3) Expedite the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission and address the inadquecies.
4) Establish transparency in the recruitment process and promotions in the academic milieu.

I exhort the concerned authority to look into the matter and take requisite steps for the same.

Thank you
Niti Pandey (Gargi College)

#RightToEducation #RightToTeach #RightToLearn