DO NOT Re-Conduct 10th and 12th Exams !

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On 26th March,2018 Economics exam of CBSE class 12th was conducted and on 28th March,2018 Mathematics exam of CBSE class 10th, has been cancelled and has been re-scheduled. CBSE officials say dates will be announced within a week. More information here -

Well, Parents and Students all around the country are enraged. Lakhs of student who studied for months and burnt midnight oil, Now have to face this unfair treatment because of some Idiots. According to some reports leaks happened in Andaman and Nicobar. All the questions were hand written and sent. And CBSE has decided to re-scheduled, leaving lakhs of students in a strange dilemma. 

Being a student myself, I know how it feels.Studying for a whole year and writing paper for 3 continuous hours with tons of stress on our minds, And then coming home to the news of exam being cancelled.

So, I am filing this petition in order to revert the decision of Re-conducting Exams which is really unfair for students. I hope you'll share this petition all over social net work, it is small request from 16 year old, PLEASE SHARE AND SIGN THE PETITION!