Taking unnecessary extra fees in name of extra curricular activities

Taking unnecessary extra fees in name of extra curricular activities

4 July 2020
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Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce & economics and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ronak Jain

Hi guys,
This is something important and serious topic which I’m about to convey.
First of all I pray and hope that you and your family are safe.
Due to this Covid 19 issue many of us might have faced many financial crises. Few of your parents, elder brother & sister would have lost their jobs because of this pandemic.
But as a family we need to fight and stay alive for each other.
Recently our college has asked us to pay the 3rd Year BBI fees i.e ₹17,522
I would request you to go through the last years fees break up receipt.
As we all will be soon starting our studies online and hence college won’t be providing us with the following stuff for which they are charging us :-
Development Fees - ₹500
Disaster Relief Funds - ₹10
E Charges - ₹20
E Suvidha - ₹50
Group Insurance - ₹40
Gymkhana Fees - ₹400
Library Fees - ₹300
Magazine Fees - ₹100
Other Fees/ Extra Curricular Activity -₹250
Student Welfare Fund - ₹50
Uni Sports & Cultural Activity - ₹30
Utility Fees - ₹250
Vice Chancellor Funds - ₹20
NSS - ₹10
NSS Ekak Yogana - ₹10
Computer Practicals - ₹1000
Laboratory Fees - ₹1000
Laboratory Deposits - ₹400

The total comes around - ₹4,440 ( An individual students pays this amount

If multiplied by 187 of us - Just a round figure
₹4,440 x 187 - ₹830,280

Just Imagine!

In this lockdown - Will be using our own system, own internet - Many of us might not have also. We won’t be going to any library nor we will be having any activities nothing then for what are we paying?
Tuition Fees is mandatory as our professors will teach us online i.e ₹10,000 and other few small amounts which college needs for processing but rest ? Are we even suppose to pay?

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Signatures: 198Next Goal: 200
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