End PUBG Ban immediately

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Yesterday 10 students from Rajkot were arrested and criminal charges were slapped on them for socializing through a popular online multiplayer game. How can playing games on phones become so heinous overnight that people are charged with criminal offenses? 

While excessive use of mobile phones and internet addiction are some real-world problems they are in no manner a criminal offense. Banning games like Momo challenge or Blue whale games make sense as they promote self-harm and have real-world consequences.

PUBG, however, does not promote self-harm of any kind. It is just one game in a genre of games called first-person shooter. There have been games like PUBG in the past like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Halo which also have been massively popular. Banning PUBG selectively makes no sense whatsoever. Banning is not the solution teen addicts can easily play fortnight or other similar games.

PUBG is not the only addictive game on the planet games like CandyCrush, LudoKing and flappy bird are also equally addictive in nature. 

If people over the age of 18 are considered mature enough to choose their own leader in elections they certainly are mature enough to choose what games they should or should not play.  If they are given the moral choice to choose whether to watch A-rated movies or not, no one should have the right to dictate them what they should play.

One must also understand that e-sports is a thing. Massively popular online games are planned to be introduced in the Olympics from the year 2020 or 2024. Playing online games is also a profession for many people who eke out a living from online gaming. The most popular youtuber PewDiepie started off as a gamer, Tyler Aka Ninja earns millions of dollar from people who like watching him play.  Popular PUBG players from India crowdsourced significant funds (in lakhs of rupees) for Martyrs in Pulwama attack by playing PUBG.

Universities in the USA are having their own e-sports team, Popular NBA teams are having their own professional e-sports teams to play online leagues and compete just like any other regular sports league.

Player Unknown's Battle Ground It has been recently banned by the district collectors and Police commissioners in the districts of Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Gir - Somnath, and Surat. 

This is a very bad step in the wrong direction. Addictions and ill effects of online gaming cannot be solved by banning them. It can only be resolved through peer motivation and education.  And that too at diminishing the prospects of future gamers of the country is unacceptable. It also goes against the civil liberties of the citizens. Games like PUBG have existed in the past and will exist in the future.

Please sign my petition to ensure that PUBG ban is revoked immediately. 

''One cannot stop an idea, whose time has come''