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Child abuse and rape

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Trigger Warning: Content about Child Sexual Abuse

Dear Pradip,

Children are being preyed upon by men who sometimes pay as little as Rs.100 to have sex with a child.

Rati* was only 14-years-old when she was given hormone injections so that she looks older.

She was sometimes forced to have sex with 30 men in a day.

When the police raided the brothels, they arrested her and the brothel managers. But these horrible men, the customers, were left off with just a warning.  

That’s why I have started this petition asking the Maharashtra CM to direct the state police to make it their mandate to arrest these child predators. Sign my petition to show your support!

Hardly any men who are paying for sex with children have been arrested. These men are happily living their lives without any fear of prosecution and they continue to exploit children.

As long as there is demands from the customers, this horrific illegal trade will continue.

I want these men to be arrested so that the society knows their true face and we can safeguard our children against these predators.

Join me in this fight and let’s go after these child sex offenders in full force.

Thank you for your support,

Pradip lvk

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