April 6, 2021
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Started by Nidhi Gupta

Please support me by signing this petition if you agree  !

I am an owner of an unit in Village Pointe in good standing  and I had sent in my nomination timely along with video recording per requirement by March 1, 2021, yet my nomination has been taken off !

Hetvi Vyas ,Impac Management property manager advises that my nomination to run election for VP board has been cancelled on grounds of outstanding balance of $175 posted in Nov which was an add on charge never told to me by property manager CJ or Hetvi  or any bill sent over nor any email communication sent ! 

Any balance becomes outstanding ONLY when it is communicated to the other party , I need evidence from Impac management that this was communicated to me that never paid it in order for my nomination to get cancelled.

On March 16 Hetvi called me to let me know that I had dues , which I explained - I was never made aware of and that I provided enough email evidence to back my claim , she tells me it was a mistake by CJ and that it got dropped  in her hand over , my question is where is my mistake in the whole process to get my nomination taken off ?

Point to be noted here is she reached me only on Mar 16 past one day of deadline on request  of Prabhakar Rao , sitting president of Village Point for past 10 plus years and on questioning her Hetvi she tells me she was not aware of the process and that she acted directions of the Board and President  , my question is if this is supposed to be a fair election in democracy - why did VP Board  or Impac management not reach out earlier ? why they had to wait for deadline to pass ?

I have sent email to Impac Rep, Prabhakar and Lawyers trying to evidence of their claim for which I have been disqualified , there is a strange silence which is unacceptable !

 We do not have HOA log in to check open balance every time hence the onus is on Impac management to make us aware of what we owe , if they didn’t do it on time , too bad ! 

Either give me evidence that I was notified about the mentioned dues and that I choose not to pay the dues !  or get my nomination back in place.

I cannot be held responsible for mismanagement of Impac's staff  - they put up a poor show ! and VP board members cannot support it .

Question still remains - When she can reach me following up for payment on March 16 , 2021 she could have done it on March14 or 15th with in the deadline date ,  clearly the intent is a question to me ! 

Please support me to get my nomination back in place right away , by signing this petition .

Thanks for understanding !!


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Signatures: 70Next Goal: 100
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