PR visa option for NT Child Care Workers who are supporting Australia's COVID recovery.

PR visa option for NT Child Care Workers who are supporting Australia's COVID recovery.

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Northern Territory Goverment (Migration NT)

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Iniciada por Pili Ruiz Avero

We write in support of a pathway to a Permanent Residence Visa for all Child Care Workers who have been working and remain in the recovery of the country during these difficult times. (ANZSCO occupation: ChildCare Worker 421111).

The Early Learning Sector is struggling to find good quality educators who have the skills we require to fulfill our roles here in the Northern Territory. Many child care centers are constantly advertising for appropriately qualified educators, however, we find that the applicants just do not have the experience or qualifications required.
Currently, all child care centers in Darwin are incredibly valuable and vital to provide care and education for vulnerable children and children of essential workers who are dedicated to keeping the Darwin community safe and ensuring businesses continue to operate in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Most of that centers have a high number of vulnerable children and children with additional needs attending the center who require high levels of support and consistency with educators and routines. These children have a number of vulnerabilities including incarcerated parents, victims of domestic and family violence, living in out-of-home care or kinship care, under state child protection orders, and many more. It is vital that these children and their families have the support of experienced, qualified, and consistent educators so that the children have the best start to life.

We trust this is sufficient information to take to account and support all child care workers to remain in Australia with an easy path to permanent residence and meet the demands of our centers and continue their contribution to children and their families in Australia.

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