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Petition for player requests to make changes to IGG's Lord's Mobile

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This petition is to support player requests for changes within IGG's Lord's Mobile. The following are the requested issues to be addressed:

  • Gift Shop Access - we are requesting this returned to its original abilities. Possible suggestions: Limit the amount of gems each player can gift in a 24 hour period? Require a certain might before gift key is actually unlocked? Gift key not use able until a designated time after joining a new guild (ie, 24 hours)?
  • Gem Packs - we are requesting gem packs to have a better value. Other games that have packs for purchase are a lot better than IGG currently have. Possible suggestions: Add more items to gem packs to increase the value of them so more people are willing to buy?
  • Gem Packs - we are requesting to see gem packs on special. Possible suggestions: gem pack selected daily or weekly and price reduced or extra gems for selected pack
  • Monster Materials - we are requesting a higher drop ratio from monsters, including a higher chance of rare materials to drop.
  • Gem/Guild Coin Values - we are requesting that the gem and guild coin value be adjusted to a more equivalent level. Example: Random relocator costs 500 gems or 60,000 guild coins (current ratio - 1 gem : 120 guild coins); Relocator costs 1500 gems or 270,000 guild coins (current ratio - 1 gem : 180 guild coins). As you see the gem to guild coin ratio is way off balance and not equal.
  • Unneeded Items in Packs - we are requesting an addition to the game to be able to get rid of these unneeded items that are collecting dust in our packs. (ie, war tomes, soul crystals, steel cuffs, bookmark expansions, player experience, etc). Possible suggestions: create a way to sell items within your guild. Player selects unwanted items, sets desired price for these unneeded items and guild mates can purchase.

As dedicated players of Lord's Mobile, we make the above requests from game developer, IGG. We want to see the game succeed but also in a fair and consistent manner. We would like to thank IGG for their time in deliberating these requests.



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