Reduce Nepean Hwy speed limit to 60kmph at school times outside Parkdale Primary School.

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On Thursday 19 September 2019 tragedy was narrowly avoided when a car travelling south on the Nepean Highway outside Parkdale Primary School lost control, hit a power pole and flipped, landing on its roof in the service lane outside the school.  

This accident took place just before school pick up when the service lane outside school is starting to fill up with vehicles waiting to pick up children.  It is a miracle no one else was physically injured, as parents were waiting in the service lane and walking into school at this time.  Unfortunately some children and parents who witnessed the recent accident have expressed experiencing some post incident trauma symptoms. 

If the accident had happened a few minutes later, after school finished at 3:30pm there is no doubt that more people would have been injured - physically or psychologically.  Had the car flipped and landed on another vehicle in the service lane the result could only have been tragic.    

And, this is not the only incident to occur in this area.  Last year in June, a child was hit by a car at the Keith Street intersection during school pick up.  The potential for tragedy is infinite where highway traffic travelling at 80 km/hr is interacting with young children crossing side roads less than a few metres away.

How many more near-misses do we need before VicRoads acts to fix this??

Why is Parkdale Primary the only school without either a speed zone, or a crossing supervisor??

VicRoads, please set up a school speed zone on the Nepean Highway outside our school!  We want the highway speed limit changed from 80 km/hr to 60 km/hr during school pick up and drop off times. Other schools have it, why not us?!