We want to achieve by winning our court case against facs nsw.

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Good day to all our supporters. 

My husband dale herron and myself are wanting to push facs dubbo to reunify his daughter to our care in qld where she will be cared for properly.


Dale herrons daughter shakira forrest was removed from her mothers care when she was only 2 months old due to drug abuse, domestic violence and many other things. The birth mother and her biological family have a history of drug abuse, domestic violence , sexual abuse and many more incidents. Shakira has been in care for 8 years now. Dale herron wasnt aware that he had fathered a child with this woman until he underwent a dna that i myself had to force facs to pay for. Shakira didnt even kniw she had a father until last year when we made the discovery of the paternity.  Ever since we found out facs dubbo had to be forced to alliw us our visitation rights to this daughter. Now we get 4 hours per a visit every 3 months. We also get a call once every 3 months a week before contact is due to happen. Facs dubbo has refused any right to medical reports, school reports and the case planning that we were supposed to be included into but have  never  been invited to. 


We are pushing for reunification of this child back to dale herron and myselfs care in qld.


Plz help.