Get PPHS To Unblock Almost Every Website! Let us have a break!

Get PPHS To Unblock Almost Every Website! Let us have a break!

March 12, 2020
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PPHS Administration/Teachers
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Why this petition matters

Started by Alexander R.

Ok, so I at PPHS and I'm sure many other students are tired of everything being blocked. Currently, I can't access any other websites other than Edmentum (Our school work program), Google Products, Imagine Math (Which I don't like), Spotify (This is a big maybe because it often breaks when you reload the page), CN (Our school webpage that no one uses tbh) and some other non-fun websites. 

So what I'm trying to do is get PPHS to unblock other websites that students use to communicate or take a break on. I'm not saying unblock NSFW websites, just like Discord or Twitter. I include Twitter as I use it to know what is happening in the world and voice my opinion. 

ALSO, they put youtube on restricted mode. I understand but I asked the Dean about it and why it was a thing, and he said: "What's that?"

You read that right. Also, I'm about 80% sure many of the teachers don't even know about the CN home page. Which is a problem all in itself. I also brought up with the Dean that Facebook is acting up too. He said: "It's working for me." He's on the Staff Wifi. 

Legit, I'm tired of this. We don't even have our own building. Apparently we are getting one NEXT year, but until then we reside in Downtown Circle Center Mall, 4th floor. There are plenty of problems with the mall. Elevators often break down, leaving only one elevator working or the escalators break down too. Also, when we get out of school the top escalators are shut down by security too.

We have voiced our opinions with the Staff and posted all over CN last year that we didn't wanna use Edmentum for school work at all, they didn't listen to us or barely listened at all and decided: "What's the best way to run the next school year? Put Edmentum for EVERYTHING!"

So now all we do is Edmentum and Imagine Math. Edmentum is where most of our classes are, imagine math is for only math but we already have math on Edmentum? Also, with most websites being blocked, at least for me, It's hard to get a break. Often you use your phone to get a break, but then you are told to put it away and get back to work. 

All this stuff suggests that the staff don't understand WiFi/Technology very well, and are not listening to the students. I'm sure some staff know how to use tech but it's not showing.

During Istep a couple of weeks ago we got DDos'd, causing students to not be able to complete testing.

This school has too many problems and If we can solve at least one with this petition, that'd be amazing. 

Oh, and if you can, go sign this other petition to get better computers! 

Thank you, have a nice day/night!

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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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