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A humble call to Pharmacy & Poisons Board.

With full knowledge of the authority that has been bestowed to PPBKenya office by Kenyan citizens, we are fully cognizant of its goodwill and good intentions to make sure that all Kenyans have easier access to Quality & cost effective medications. Majority of enrolled pharmaceutical technologist feel they are key partners towards achieving the above and therefore would wish to draw PPBKenya attention to our petition for action. With the introduction of devolution we experienced additional levies from our respective county government where we part with over Ksh. 20,000 depending on which county one is operating his/her premise. This is in addition to the Ksh. 5000 & Ksh. 10,000 we pay to PPBKenya office as premise & professional practice licence. Its disquieting and sad to note that other parties like KPA (Kenya Pharmaceutical Association) are taking refuge in esteemed PPBKenya to add more unsubstantiated fees. By Making services offered by other parties mandatory requirement for renewal of licences not only expose pharmaceutical technologists to exploitative expenditure but also discredit the integrity of PPBKenya since few individuals proof they can easily arm-twist the authority and collect levies for few selected gains. High cost of practicing is most likely to be transferred to patients which goes against PPBKenya intention of cost effective services & BIG 4 AGENDA.

In light of the above, we pharmaceutical technologists call upon the PPBKenya not delegate its authority to any party and 

  • be firm on its authority against quacks so as to maintain the quality of medications offered to Kenyans.
  • not to accept arm twisting from any party like KPA that would raise the cost of practicing.