Support Eddie @ Mellowcroft Natural Holistic Farm, Wales!!

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Many of you will have heard of Mellowcroft in Powys, Wales.

Eddie, the owner of Mellowcroft has a court date  at 10am on Wednesday 21st June 2018 at Llandrindod Magistrates court with regards to an enforcement order that he received 3 years ago, that he has not fulfilled. This notice stated that he demolish all the structures at Mellowcroft and shut down any aspects of his business not deemed agricultural. 

He has made many concessions, he deserves support, not further persecution. He is a great asset to our community and his work at Mellowcroft should be praised, not held with contempt!

Eddie has put in a new planning application for all structures at Mellowcroft to registered as agricultural buildings in a bid to save what remains of the structures that really make Mellowcroft what it is.., and that represent the hard work that went into them. This petition aims to help him achieve this.

If you know Eddie or you feel his project is worth supporting  please sign this petition!  


"We, the undersigned, sign this petition in support of Eddie Macintosh and his right to live and work on his land without fear of persecution; that the enforcement order dated back to 2015 is not longer applicable; and that relevant permissions from the Local Planning Authority are finally given for him to settle securely on his smallholding at Mellowcroft"