Recycling bins at powwows to protect our Mother Earth and help the climate change crisis

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Hi. My name is Krystal Brooks and my hope is to make a positive change regarding an issue I see quite often at powwows. That issue is no recycling bin access and the growing crisis surrounding climate change that this aids by not making recycling options available.

I was talking with a friend at Midland, Ontario powwow and after I had asked about their climate change experience with Al Gore in Los Angeles, I started expressing my concern and annoyance that more than most powwows do not have proper recycling options.

The only way to promote and inspire change and receive the desired results is to take action. Ultimately, it’s a very big double standard that I find quite bothersome. As Indigenous people, we do our level best to protect our water, our lands and constantly remind our peers that we live on Mother Earth and need to respect her. And yet... I see no recycling bins at most powwows. Recycling is hugely productive when attempting to improve the effects of climate change.

I’m going to be drafting up a petition and getting a desired number of signatures and presenting it to powwow committees. It’s a fairly small act but would ultimately have quite an impact on our environment in a long period.

The goal is to promote proper care for our environment and inspire change/ proactiveness.

Please take the time to sign this petition and do so knowing that a simple signature can make a difference. Thank you for your support.