Make healthy bars, not candy bars

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At this time, when we are scared and insecure about what tomorrow brings, we turn and seek comfort in food. So, as we get deeper into the Coronavirus pandemic, making health and good nutrition is a priority, and is crucial to every individual. To keep not only our immune system strong but to improve mood and lower the stress, we need to be cautious of our food intake and to aim to consume a variety of nutrient-dense foods.

We are a part of the modernized society where companies are looking more into using their resources to make their products more desirable and addictive instead of looking to improve the quality of their products. Companies are spending excessive amounts of money to manipulate and use our weaknesses to achieve profit. Many artificial products are promoted as healthy when in reality they are filled up with sugars, conservatives, color additives and others. Because of these reasons, we decided to create this petition and aim to overturn the popular misconception that power bars are healthy products. 

Protein bars are used daily. They are presented as a great, healthy snack, although they have many additives, and are full of sugar. Families, athletes, and students, all of us are eating them, having the misconception that we are just "snacking" and many actually feeling good about it, because of the idea that we are promoting a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious food. Athletes are being told that it is a perfect pre or post-practice snack when actually it can replace the whole meal but without having nutrients athletes need for recovery or people for normalized body functions. 

PowerBar Inc. Is just one of the companies that have had a huge boom in its revenue in the last few years due to its market strategy, not because of the health benefits of their product. For example, a bar with Peanut butter is loaded with 26 grams of sugar, only 9 grams of protein and contains 240 calories in a single product. Another very popular bar is the Milk Chocolate Brownie. For less than 3 oz (65 grams) this “health product” is again mainly composed of carbs (74%), very little protein (13%) and fats (13%). We want to emphasize that most of these bars can be an option for high-intensity sports but since we are all under quarantine and workouts have been limited we need to be cautious and keep track of what we consume daily. It is very important to stress that these bars are not appropriate for the average person because they, like many unhealthy/junk products, are filled with empty calories and added sugars.

We decided to go even further and to compare the notorious health product “the power bar” to its well-known opponent the candy bar, indeed the “Hershey bar”. As previously stated, the Peanut butter bar has 240 calories, 26 grams of sugar, 9 grams of protein. While a Hershey bar (43g) has 220 calories, 24 grams of sugar and 3 grams of protein. Keep in mind that in this case the Hershey and the power bar have different serving sizes but are both considered and sold as a single serving.

PowerBar Inc. company has a leading share of the growing energy bar market. They were first targeting just athletes, but now you can find them in the supermarkets, as well. The bar originated with Brian Maxwell, ranked third in the world as a marathoner, which help the spread of the image brand. The company's profit keeps growing on the image of the "healthy bar", in 1997 they reached an estimated $97 million in sales, $ 15milion more in the previous year. 

This company's bar was actually from a known candy manufacturer but was accredited as an athletic performance booster. This company does have a try of making a healthier bar. The bar is called natural protein, offered in three different flavors, but they still have 16g of fats, 37g of carbohydrates, 22g of sugars and 31g of protein. You can find this on their website.

PowerBar Inc. company invests millions of dollars into making its products irresistible. Money that they spend on the look of the bars and the marketing, they can invest and find better ways how to assist people and help them to actually have a better and healthier lifestyle. For example, artificial sugars can be changed with organic sugars from the fruits. They can lower the calorie intake that one bar has by using more natural products, but also doing so increase its benefit that can offer.

Our main goal is to inform you and help you with your future purchase decisions. Next time, when you decide to take a snack maybe chose a natural source of nutrients such as fruit, or nuts. But, if you cannot resist these bars, read its nutrition label so that you can be aware of how much additional calories and sugar you are adding to your daily intake. Always be cautious of what you put in your body, especially now when the daily activities are minimized and it is harder to burn extra calories.