allow blood relatives to see their terminal ill family members REGARDLESS

this is a cruel and unethical aspect of the law and I know first hand. My fiance' was banned from all aspects of getting to see, talk to, or write a letter to her little brother whom she raised and kept out of trouble his whole short life here on Earth of 38yrs. She was his sister, soulmate, and mother when he needed it. This should not be allowed to block immediate family when someone is terminal. EVERY family has rifts and life is too short. HOW is a law keeping us from free will and just plain human dignity. Think about this for a minute and please help me spread the word. How would you feel being told by a stranger your brother had brain cancer? how bout going to the ends of the Earth to find out how he was and being told to stop it or you are going to be arrested if you even show up or call?????????? I NEED ALL OF YOUR VOICES IN THIS ONE! THANK YOU SO MUCH IN HELPING ME TRY AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR THE PASSING AND THE BELOVED LEFT BEHIND.

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