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Petitioning CEO FPL Lewis Hay and 7 others

Power Company Will Not Prosecute Drug Houses Stealing Electric! STOP Them!

We have an epidemic of drug houses that have settled in every corner of America. They threaten our safety and well being. The worst recession our generation has ever seen left us with abandoned homes that drug dealers and prostitutes move into. Many of them don't pay their bills like you or I, and they simply steal services like water, electric and cable. The large power, cable and water companies are refusing to prosecute them because it is a loss of money for them to do so. You and I pay for our services, but those that are destroying our neighborhoods can "reconnect" their own by climbing a poll or splicing a line to get theirs for free over and over again.

There needs to be some responsibility with those companies doing business in our neighborhoods.

We want businesses that are making billions of dollars to step-up and prosecute those that illegally turn their own services on. Anyone that is in receipt of the services on a daily basis should be held accountable for being in receipt of stolen merchandise.

Many of the heads and CEOs of the Power, Cable and Water companies make millions from the fees you and I pay. We are demanding that they and our elected officials take action when anyone steals services like power, water and cable. It will make the dealers and prostitutes unable to work and do their business in your neighborhoods.

Letter to
CEO FPL Lewis Hay
President FPL Armando Olivera
U.S. House of Representatives
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U.S. Senate
Florida State House
Florida State Senate
President of the United States
Florida Governor
We are calling on the heads of all Power, Cable and Electric companies to prosecute individuals for stealing services. We have an epidemic of vacant homes that are being settled by individuals who are destroying our neighborhoods and our well being.

Many people like ourselves call on a regular basis to let your companies know that your services are being stolen. It seems you have made business decisions that condone the behavior while destroying our neighborhoods, and it needs to stop.

Moving forward, we will be putting out our word and marketing our petition. We will be gathering data and letting those that pay their bills know what is going on.

As an example of what we are talking about, there are several homes in the Sarasota Florida area along Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road that have been reconnecting their own services when shut off. One is a duplex across from Restful Way on Lockwood Ridge Road. Several calls have been made to FPL, but there has been no follow-up to prosecute. We pay our bills and deserve better.