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Re-Paint & Re-Surface Parking Lot Lines

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To All That Care,

Although I consider myself a poor writer and therefore have never written a petition before, what is worse than my writing is the condition of our parking lot at Westview.

The current condition and state of the parking lot is a safety hazard.

By having faded lines and loose gravel, we as a school are asking for accidents to happen. Plus it is about time that the we repaved the parking lot. The parking lot at Westview has not been worked on since the school has opened in 2002 and industry standard says that the lot should be repaved EVERY 10 YEARS meaning we are 5 years overdue.

Moreover, although I am not saying that all students are bad drivers, teenage drivers lack experience and need clear lines to park, at a minimum. Furthermore, the loose gravel in the parking lot have caused cars to skid risking accidents.

Every year at Westview we have safety campaigns such as the "Don't Drink and Drive Initiative" but I find it shocking that we have still not addressed the issue of our weathered parking lot. I am not blaming anyone and believe that our school administration and district have done a phenomenal job thus far, but this problem has been attempted to be resolved by various people over the past few years and nothing has changed. I am using this petition merely to gather more attention to this problem, so we may work together as a district to solve this problem.

Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to read this.


Nathan Xia

Edited by Daniel Kang

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