Justice for Victims of Steve Middleton

Justice for Victims of Steve Middleton

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MCHS Students started this petition to POWAY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

At Mt. Carmel High School in Rancho Penasquitos, Steve Middleton resides as a teacher in the Math Department. Through an instagram account called @blackinpusd, several anonymous tips have been posted about a "math teacher who has made them uncomfortable" in one way or another. With that, the question of what is to be done raised. This petition is made to hold Steve Middleton accountable for his actions, and for the victims of his behavior to get justice. Just because he has been working with PUSD for a long amount of time does NOT mean this should be brushed under the rug. 

An Instagram account by the name of @urvoiceneedstobeheard was made for students who fell victim to Steve Middleton's behavior to voice their stories. This was done in an effort to strengthen the credibility of this petition. To put things into perspective, in a short 6 hours, over 30 people, predominantly females, DM'd the account. A pattern of behavior has been obvious in each and every one of these stories. Alarmingly enough, a group of students have additionally talked to the Secretary of Principal Magno on two separate occasions, and nothing has been done. 

Now onto some of the things that Steve Middleton has done. Below will be quotes of just some of the many stories that were shared today. For the privacy and protection of the victims, all of these will be anonymous.

"I was coming out from the pool deck and Mr. Middleton saw me and followed me over to my car. He told my dad that I was a good math student and proceeded to touch my thigh while I was only in my swimsuit." - Female, CO '22

"One day I wore ripped jeans to his class (a pair that was in line with the school's dress code) and he asked me 'Did you get those jeans on sale?' and I replied with 'No' and he said 'Well they should have been 50% because they're 50% missing.' While this might have been a slight remark in relation to others he has made to his students, it still held enough of an affect on me that I never wore those jeans again during my time with him as a teacher." - Female, CO '18

"[Mr. Middleton would touch] the straps on my tank tops while pretending he's trying to see if they're dress code appropriate." - Female, CO '18

"I was on dance troupe when I went to MC (...) even when he wasn't my teacher, Mr. Middleton would go out of his way to compliment my dancing in really inappropriate and creepy ways. He would stop me and grab my arm to tell me that he 'couldn't take his eyes' off me when I was dancing, and the he 'doesn't know how we get away with those types of moves.'" - Female, CO '18

"He would come behind me to 'help' and stare down my shirt: he would rub my shoulders and have his arm around me constantly: stare at my butt every time I got up." - Female, CO '22

"When I was in Middleton's class, he saw my name and automatically assumed I was hispanic. When I tried to correct him, saying that while I appreciate Spanish and Latin American culture, I do not speak Spanish and am in fact very Filipino and Associate more with Southeast Asians, he didn't listen and proceeded to attempt to talk to me in Spanish. He would even write in Spanish on my tests." - Female, CO '19

"No matter what the lesson was, he somehow was able to tie in a story every year, in which he would say the N word. There was an immediate shock and uncomfortable silence in the room after he had said it, and continued to say it." - Female, CO '19

"We were given time to work on homework and I was doing a problem when suddenly I felt someones large, strong hands on my shoulder as if trying to give me a massage. It was Middleton looking over my shoulder and a t my work. He said something along the lines of, 'oh relax, you're good at those problems'. I did not say anything. He just kept his hands on me and I waited until he walked away." - Female, CO '19

"Someone sitting at my 4 group table had her foot up on an empty seat. She was wearing sandals, and Middleton proceeded to touch her foot and somewhat giggle?" - Female, CO '19

"He would touch me and I've given him many signals and signs to stop touching me and to only interact w me if necessary but he constantly ignored me. He's grabbed me by the wrist, too close to my face, grabbed my hand, and held by shoulder and shook me and I hated it." - Female, CO '23

"I went to [a counselor] with two other people with a full list of issues and she wrote them down, said she'd talk to the math department, and then nothing happened (this was 2-3 years ago)." - Female, CO '19

"I walked into class one day and he started the class by talking about how he couldn't say the N word but his black friend could, however he was in the hood he could say the N word (but actually said it w the hard r). He proceeded to complain about how it basically was unfair that he wasn't allowed to say that word and tried to relate it back to math but it didn't. I remember feeling embarrassed and scared bc after he said that word the WHOLE class was staring at me." - Female, CO '19

"When I was a freshman in Middleton's class he would come up and touch my hair when it was in a bun and he said things like 'it's tight' and 'you are good at making them hard'. One of my friends who graduated last year also said he would touch my inner thigh." - Female, CO '21

"I once went to one of his tutorials to finish and turn in test corrections, and there were a couple other students in there talking with him. As soon as I got in the room he quickly tried to finish his conversation with the other students and basically kicked them out of the room so I was the only student there. He asked me a couple questions that were normal, but I just got like really bad vibes and felt really uncomfortable so I just turned in the corrections incomplete and left. And the whole time I was working on corrections he was just staring at me and it just didn't seem right at all." - Female, CO '22

"[A girl was wearing a shirt with a quote on the back]. She was wearing a ponytail which was covering the words/picture on the back so Middleton used his pencil to move her hair out of the way without her knowing." - Female, CO '19

"I was on my period and Mr. Middleton wouldn't let me go to the bathroom even after I said I was on my period." - Female, CO '18

"He lifted another girls shirt because he thought she had answers to a test hidden." - Female, CO '18

"I had him when I was a freshman, the first one is that he would move his hand to my hip and grab me kind of aggressively during class." - Female, CO '22

"On 9/11 he was talking about it and said it was because of terroristic Muslims and then I got out of his class and went to the sun center to go report anonymously and the next day he was talking about how someone reported him acting like he didn't do anything." - Female, CO '22

"When the screwdriver incident happened, Mr. Middleton refused to stop teaching saying that 'it was just a drill and nothing to worry about.' Kids were getting frantic texts from their parents and he confiscated several of their phones and continued to teach. There was someone trying to hurt other people on campus and he kept the lights on and would not let students hide." - Female, CO '20

"Me and my friend both had our bra straps touched in his class while we were just sitting at our seats doing class work." - Female, CO '21

How many more stories do we need for action to be done? Steve Middleton has been reported multiple times, and he has never been held accountable. We are supposed to feel safe at school. Sign this petition and keep the conversation going. We will not let this be brushed under the rug this time. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!