Make Dave’s Birthday a National Holiday

Make Dave’s Birthday a National Holiday

March 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Danece Van Soelen

Let’s fight for the inalienable right to make Dave Van Soelen’s birthday a nationally recognized holiday. 

Dave’s innumerable contributions to our great nation know no bounds!   

Here are just a few of the impactful acts Dave has selflessly given to his family, community & nation:

1. Bringing sexy back in his cowboy books & jeans.  

2. Belting out astoundingly beautiful bass lines & single-handedly keeping southern gospel music & country music alive and well wherever he treads. 

3. Being incomparably generous with his time, money and resources.

4. Sharing his knack for nicknames by dubbing his subordinates, his colleagues, his family members and perhaps anything that breathes & walks with unique epithets and inside jokes.  

5. Ministering & loving others in his family, his church and pretty much anyone in need ever. 

6. Keeping Cheerios & Lipton Instant Tea in business. 

7. Inspiring others to shorten the amount of time it takes to get a sentence out by combining several words into one.  

8. Always taking time to make God the main thing in prayer, devotions and studying the word. 

All of these are just small examples of what makes Dave great.  We firmly believe a holiday is merely the smallest step towards a much-deserved token of appreciation for him and will continue to takes steps toward the inevitable outcome of his honorable & legacy-driven life:  the Nobel Peace Prize.   

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Signatures: 67Next Goal: 100
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