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Call for the Censure, Psych Evaluation and Resignation of Maxine Waters.

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Maxine Waters was elected to the House of Representatives in 1990 and started serving in 1991.  Her hateful rhetoric started in 1994 with Rep. Peter King.  She has continued over the years to spew hatred, racist remarks, bigoted behavior to anyone that she didn't like or agree with.  In 2012 she called the GOP legislators Demon's! Now comes in our current President Donald J Trump.  He was only 2 weeks in and she was already calling for his Impeachment!  She has constantly fueled the fire and media propaganda of Trump-Russia without any evidence to back her claims.  Slandering our Potus with every breath and tweet that she can it is un-American, un-Patriotic and frankly as a tax paying citizen I have had enough seeing my federal tax dollars being paid to fund such rhetoric.  It is time for this kind of hatred to be stopped. 

Things she has said about our President: She has called him Deplorable, A Russian Agent, Dishonorable Human Being, Says she will not respect him, honor him, called his cabinet a bunch of Scumbags , White Supremacist, Racist, Bigot, Didn't go to the inauguration due to her hatred of him, You respect the office end of story! She has said he has had his arms wrapped around Putin!

Her constant Trump-Russia Rhetoric fueled rants only confirm that her mental state needs to be looked into especially after her hate filled tweets that she has put out on twitter! 

On 8-2 She lied about Jeff Session's saying Coretta Scott-King warned everyone about Jeff Sessions when in fact a video clearly shows the opposite.

On 6-29 Wandering if President Trump should be Exiled.

7-29 She says Mike Pence VP is somewhere planning his Inauguration

6-23 She compared Potus to Disabled people and mocked them in wheel chairs and said we should drag him down the hall to impeachment. 

She has stated she was going to tear Ben Carson "A** Apart" Should he have the audacity to appear before the committee where she is a ranking member.

Called Ben Carson a White Supremacist and doesn't know the difference between and immigrant and a slave.

Patrick Hynes of the NH GOP stated: Her rhetoric is irresponsible and dangerous.  She has become completely unhinged. 

Alan Dersheowitz: Being Black does not give you the right to call people racist that would be like just because you are jewish you can call people anti-semitic it doesn't work like that.

Just take a look at her mental state here.

She has been named the most corrupt member of congress and I for the life of me cannot understand why she is still there.  She currently has 3 ethic violation's under her as we speak but yet she wants to try and take the high road when it comes to President Trump.  Lets just take a look at this for a second shall we?

  •  Lives in a 4.5 Million dollar mansion that is not in her district mind you while her constituents are poor and struggling
  • During the Height of 2008 fiscal crisis Waters arranged a meeting between the Treasury Dept. & Top Exec. of a Bank (One United) where her husband was a Shareholder.  Using her post & platform as a politician on the House Financial Comm. as leverage she called the Treasury Sec.  Henry Paulson personally and asked for a meeting.
  • When it went through there was one bank present, One United! Conflict of Interest much?
  • Then came the Bailout without as much as thinking about her constituents, the American People only herself!
  • And she has the audacity to call our Potus crooked and that he has a crime family!
  • Also just since 2006 Waters daughter Karen has been "Slate mailer" for her Campaign and brought in a nice tune of $650,000.00 for herself.  Not sure how it is a Slate mailer is worth that much.  It is just a glorified title for someone that mails envelopes!
  • According to the FEC, Waters still owes her daughter $108,982.15 reported by the Gateway Pundit.

Maxine like most Democrats have pushed the false narrative that our President has endorsed David Duke with The KKK or that our Potus is a KKK sympathizer which could be father from the truth.  See here where she praised Robert Byrd when he passed away a true KKK Exalted Cyclops

 The real KKK sympathizers are the Democrats and their hateful non stop racist bigoted behavior that must be stopped once and for all.  Maxine I feel has been on a down hill spiral for far too long and ever since Donald Trump took office her mental state has come into question.  I ask that if you agree that you sign this petition and we will see to it that she is evaluated by the proper doctors and possibly made to resign from her post if she is not able to fulfill her abilities as a Public Servant.


Thank you!

A Concerned Citizen






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