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Adrian Jones was a young boy brutally TORTURED TO DEATH by his abusive sadistic parents Heather and Mike Jones. We need a FORMAL INVESTIGATION into why KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES FAILED TO ACT to remove him from his abusers after ADRIAN REPORTED REPEATEDLY TO KANSAS DCF HE WAS BEING ABUSED. MIKE AND HEATHER JONES ABUSED THEIR OWN SON TO DEATH in the most HORRIFIC manner possible using tasers, starvation,beatings, handcuffing him outside in frigid temperatures, making him stay overnight up to his neck in a filthy pool, blindfolding him and strapping him with wooden planks, and this was uploaded onto apple i cloud. HEATHER JONES DISCUSSED ADRIAN'S ABUSE ON HER FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! Their house had at least 30 cameras which were used to film his abuse. Under the guise of "homeschooling" Adrian was never seen in public but was beaten and starved at the hands of his sadistic parents for at least 4 YEARS!  When they finally murdered him through beating and starvation his small body was thrown into a pig sty. We must DEMAND JUSTICE FOR ADRIAN JONES to prevent such catastrophic abuse from happening to other children. Adrian REPEATEDLY REPORTED ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS TO KANSAS DCF HE WAS BEING ABUSED he reported being hit and punched in the stomache by Mike Jones and he was not being fed. NO ACTION WAS TAKEN.  It should be mandated to take immediate action to remove a child to safety at FIRST REPORT BY THE CHILD OF ABUSE until a full investigation is completed. No child should ever suffer abuse and to leave a child residing with abusers is tantamount to being COMPLICIT for his death. WE WANT A FORMAL INVESTIGATION INTO THE DEATH OF ADRIAN JONES AND KANSAS DCF FOR FAILURE TO ACT TO PROTECT HIM FROM ABUSE! THIS FORMAL INVESTIGATION SHOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN STARTED BY KANSAS ATTORNEY GENERAL DEREK SCHMIDT AND GOVERNOR SAM BROWNBACK'S OFFICE. WE NEED JUSTICE FOR THIS ATROCITY ABUSE AND MURDER OF A 7 YEAR OLD CHILD!!

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