Change the school dress code that’s prejudice against women, and stop shaming women

i’m signing this because as women we already have enough to deal with. most of us that are in highschool are minors. there is nothing wrong with showing shoulder or stomach. most of us walk to school in the humidity and not gonna lie it’s really hot. i myself have always worn oversized t-shirts because i am afraid to show my shoulder or my stomach and be sexualized by a TEACHER. i am never sexualized by any of my guy friends for wearing a crop top or showing shoulder in 100° heat. but as soon as i wear something like revealing in front of a male administrator it becomes a problem and i’m distracting. we are kids, literal children getting ready to go into the next chapter of our lives, no ones has time to stare at someone’s shoulder or stomach. we all come to school to learn and hang/talk to our friends. not get sexualized by a principal whom also wears tight clothing. it’s really ridiculous. we cannot help the fact that our breasts are big or our butt really pop in our jeans. we come to school to feel safe and feel loved and respected. i don’t understand, if i am comfortable then what’s the problem, you’re motto is to keep these kids safe and protected and educated right? while why not educate you male teachers not to stare. Also durags are apart of african american culture to help shape the hair, durags are not “gang related activity”. we are kids, not puppets u can play dress up with. please do better pottstown! sickening.

Mackenzie Hall, Pottstown, PA, United States
3 months ago
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