Restitute the chatrooms and account status on pottermore

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'' And to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end'' J.K.Rowling Hogwarts is our home, we are in so many to share this passion, a great magic family cames to life, thanks to the adventures of Harry. Pottermore has created a large group, a carefree competition between users of the four houses to win the coveted cup. The opportunity is reserved for users to be able to joke, laugh, discuss, make friends and share their experience has made this "family magic" strong, united, unique. Delete the "comments" section harms users, harms the sense of belonging to the houses, makes vain competition (virtual). Remove the ability to interact with other "students" will mark the gradual decline of the experience as well as his failure Pottermore. We want back the chats

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