Petition JK Rowling to declare "HP and the Cursed Child" as a separate work of literature

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The play-turned-novel "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" by Jack Thorne and John Tiffany is a shallow work of fiction that doesn't deserve to contribute to the ever expending Harry Potter universe. For any fictional universe to transcend its non-existence and completely morph into a self sustaining entity with its own laws, all the constituting stories or pieces of information must follow some basic guidelines. In terms of the HP universe, the additional pieces of information must be aligned with either the original seven books or the JK Rowling approved articles on Pottermore. The characters depicted in this additional story must be true to their original selves from the seven books, and the story should not be one capable of sabotaging the whole structure meticulously built over the last twenty years. Unfortunately, all of these things happen in "The Cursed Child”.

Imagine a few unskilled laborers trying to build a trailer for a technologically sophisticated tractor, but without a blueprint, a designer, or an Engineer. They have seen other trailers but are not at all aware of the specific requirements posed by the particular tractor for which the trailer is being made. Utterly oblivious of the technical specifications of the hydraulic lift system, the coupling gear, and the load capacity, they end up building a trailer that negatively affects the functionality and efficiency of the tractor. Now imagine that the workers parmanently weld the trailer to the tractor. The authors have done something very similar with the “Cursed Child”.

1. The original characters from the series have been grossly misrepresented in "HP and the Cursed Child". None of them bears any resemblance to their self from the original series. Take Ron Weasly, for example. He is stripped of all intelligence and vigour. He is a homely man who looks after the kids and jokes all the time because he works at a joke shop. It comes across as a cheap trick to forcefully imbibe some feminist overtones in the book. We get it: our heroes can also lead ordinary lives and our heroines can grow up to become the minister of magic. But gender politics in the wizarding world is bound to be massively different from that of the muggle world, and a simple looks-after-the-kids and works-at-the-ministry binary is laughable.

2. The plot is based on a flimsy motive of an ill portrayed character. Albus getting a sudden urge to save Cedric Diggory is random as hell. The plot lacks depth, coherence, and believability. There’s a palpable effort to give the story a “depth” by focusing on the father-son relationship, but it doesn’t ring true. “Too much magic! Let’s focus on something more emotionally demanding: Harry 2.0’s relationship with his one-dimensional Son”. The narrative is as far as it can be from the intricately woven world of the original series where characters had definite reasons for doing what they do.

3. Obsession with Voldy. “The Cursed Child” makes the Transformers series look good when it comes to originality. The addition of Voldemort’s daughter defies everything we know about the remarkable villain. His sexuality has not been discussed at all in the books. Randomly bringing in a daughter undermines the significance of the complexity of the original plot and narrative. One is forced to wonder if the authors have read the books at all.

4. Reckless use of magic. Messing with time can cost you dearly. Even Rick Sanchez knows it. There are too many time travel related loopholes that threaten to invalidate everything we (don't) know about the laws of magic.

Now, recall the tractor-trailer analogy. If one wants to see the full potential of the tractor realised, they will have to first emancipate it from the deadly grip of the trailer. You get the idea. Therefore, these are our demands:

JK Rowling must officially declare that the “HP and the Cursed Child” is not a part of the Harry Potter universe. This means that none of the events described in the play/novel will constitute the Harry Potter universe. There’ll be no dickhead son, no stupid Ronald Weasley, and no clownish Voldemort Jr. I mean, come on, Weasley used to be our king, remember!

Any fictional work related to the Harry Potter universe done by Jack Thorne and/or John Tiffany in the future must be considered as equally invalid as the authors are hereby declared to be incompetent in terms of creativity and harmful to the stability of the fictional world.

Thank you.