All on duty police officers wear recording video and audio body cameras

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Here in our beautiful country we believe in justice. Something that is important to me is ensuring that the truth is told and making sure justice is fair.

Any conviction to an individual can bring life altering consequences and it is important to promote our justice system to get it right through the evidence and through presenting the facts.

There are always three sides to every story.  His side, her side and the truth.

We live in a modern world with technology available that holds the power to ensure that the truth is told and in a Police officers role who hold the lives of the public in their hands every day it should be mandatory to have each call out recorded and available for review and reflection when necessary. 

What I struggle to understand is that with so many options available to ensure Police officers safety as well as the public’s why have we not yet equiped each and every on duty officer with a device that is constantly recording both visual and audio? It is the one piece of evidence that holds the ability to bring the facts to a court room. Personally I believe it is time for the Police be made accountable for their misconduct and end their “cover ups”.

what has become clear to me is that what is known as the ‘blue code’ is very much alive in the Police force. The blue code is where Police will cover their colleagues when their conduct comes into question. It corrupts even our very best officers. This makes it extremely difficult to hold corrupt Police officers accountable for their actions. I feel that body cameras will put an end to this and end the trending culture within the Police force where they easily get away with dishonesty while covering their colleagues.

Body cameras create a win, win scenario. Everyday Police officers throw themselves into unpredictable and dangerous situations and body cameras will play a crucial part in their own protection but not only for their protection recordings will create an opportunity for reflection on current tactics and allow improvements within their organisation.

I personally write this petition off the back of a situation I recently faced with Police. I was assaulted both physically and verbally by an ego driven officer who went on to lay false charges against me. I followed the right steps by making a complaint to the independent police conduct authority and the results recently came back saying that my version of events which I continue to back 100% as the truth were conflicting with those of the Police. This is what confirmed the blue code to me and my way of fighting back will now be to ensure that the right technologies are put in place to prevent any other fellow kiwis from being in my situation unjustifiably. Cameras don’t lie, Police do.

This ones for the People! An honest officer has no reason to fear the truth.

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