Pot Holes in Highway, No Tolls in My Way

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After paying so much of road taxes, tolls, for our Vehicles, are we not entitled for "Better Roads"? The reason I am not writing "Safe Roads" as it seems to me next to impossible!! Yes, you read it correct!!

Millions of rupees are collected daily on Ahmedabad to Mumbai Tolls, and what we get in return is just a verbal advertisements of Road Safety, 4 Lanes, 6 Lanes, 8 Lanes Highways; what is even use of expanding these highways which are filled with Pot Holes every rainy seasons???

I was on my way to Mumbai from Vadodara on 20/07/2018, on Ahmedabad-Mumbai Highway and my car fell into "Pot Hole" near Vapi and my tyre blew up and mag wheel got damaged, I called it fait and changed my tyre and continued driving to Mumbai.

To my Shock & Dismay, while coming back from Mumbai to Baroda on 22/07/2018, near Kamrej at small village Vaav, there have been number of Pot Holes on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway, I tried protecting my car from few Pot Holes, but rammed into one big one, and both my right side front and rear tyres blew up and mags damaged.

I was fortunate enough to live, and when I moved my car on the left of the road, there were other victim vehicles and their owners said my car was the 11th car, falling into the same pot holes and right after me 4 other vehicles met the same accident, are we supposed to have roads to travel? OR Roads for meeting accidents and meeting our lives in risk?

I had to put 4 new tyres and 4 new mags, costed me more than 70,000/- despite that was not required as my tyres & mags were fine before the accident. I put a written complaint at Kamrej Toll but have no idea what will happen to that.

But what I want to know - Who is responsible for these accidents? What if someone dies in such horrific accidents? Why collecting tolls, when roads are not maintained and have end number of pot holes?

When called at Highway Emergency numbers, they don't work, so I called at 100 Police Control room, and the Officer who answered the call (I have recording of the call) admits that they have received more calls from the same area, but just blamed the road safety department. Why should we be on the mercy of some people who are not doing their jobs and we are putting our lives at risk on National Highways??

I want to call upon everyone, if there are no better roads, (again I say better roads, as safe roads seems imaginary in Indian Highways) there should not be any tolls!!