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Postpone the start of School for Incarnate Word

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As everyone knows, Houston and the surrounding areas have been hit by one of the worst hurricanes in US history. Countless people have been affected by this terrible disaster, including several people in our IWA community. By going back to school so soon, we are hindering those who either need help or want to help those who the storm has devastated. We all want to help, but by going back to school, we cannot help those in need. 

Many students will be stressed by having to go back to school so soon after this catastrophic event. By going back to school only a week after this terrible storm, we will have the stress of sitting through hours of traffic just to get to school. Even the stress on students from focusing on school work will be of great magnitudes when they should be focused on helping themselves, family, friends, and our community. This storm has affected millions in one way or another. 

Many schools are giving their students another week off so that we, as students, can help our community and process the damage that has been done. Those of us who have been unlucky enough to experience the horrific trauma of the damage done in their houses need time to process the effects and focus on what's really important like finding a place to live and dealing with the trama of this horrific event that has struck our town. With having another week off, it will also give our parents the time to deal with the stresses this flood has brought on without having to focus on the stress of waiting in hours of traffic just to pick their kids up from school. 

Even though wanting to come together as a school community is understandable, we need to be out aiding those who need it. Should we not be given time to grieve, recover, and aid those who are in need?

The students, faculty, and staff need time to recuperate after such a terrible disaster. As a part of the IWA family, I believe that going to school will bring more negatives than positives. It seems illogical to come back to school when those schools surrounding us have been given an extra week to recover after such a horrendous time. Another week off from school will give us time to help those whose lives have been completely turned around by this event, deal with our own struggles, and give us time to fully process the effect Harvey has had on us and everyone in our community. 

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