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Change media mail for comic books

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We in the community wish to change the laws of USPS; to include "Comic Books" as a form of Media and be included into that category for shipping. There are many people using USPS shipping and wish that their comics,  be included in that category. The Library of Congress recognizes Trade Paperback and Graphic Novel, which is Comic Books without the advertisement.  

The Dictionary Definition of "Medial Mail" is as follows (a class of US postage designated for sending books, recordings, and computer media) Which "Comic books" are a Book and a form of such Media.

The definition of Media according to the Dictionary is ((#1.a plural of medium. #2.(usually used with a plural verb) the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, that reach or influence people widely)) Which we feel Comic Books are a book, magazine, communication and a there for a form of media. 

The Definition of Comic book in Dictionary is (#1. a magazine with one or more comic strips.)

We Feel that Comic Books are a form of Media, Art, educational, a form of printed script, a story and a book that contains at least 8 pages, including Advertisement. They are an escape, thru the medium of Art and Story combined with pages of advertisement. They are great for Kids and Adults wishing to join the story! Which often portraying the real life world struggles of both negatives or positive in society; thru super heroes and villains. 

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