Keep Postie in Mosgiel

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Closing Postie in Mosgiel removes an affordable and diverse retail option. It would affect many people across the board from elderly shoppers to those with families as well as staff job losses.

Many people would face the extra expense and inconvenience of travelling to Dunedin Postie to shop. Online shopping is not favoured by all as many people want to try on items in store.

The Mosgiel and Taieri population base, currently around 17,500, continues to swell with more and more families choosing to move to the area.

Postie has been a long mainstay of retail in Mosgiel. We urge Postie to invest in an ever-growing population base by exploring all possible alternative sites to keep the store open.

Presently, there is a vacant retail store in Gordon Road and the possibility of another larger site nearby becoming available.