Don't DAMPEN Dark MOFO - Hobartians are a DIVERSE bunch and MANY MANY support Dark MOFO!

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Some people have petitioned the HCC about their concerns and fears relating to the dark and light of Dark MOFO. Many, many people from Hobart and beyond are VERY happy to enjoy the diversity that Dark MOFO brings with all its nuances. It delights with its joie de vivre, it brightens winter, it provokes discussion, and it PUTS HOBART ON THE MAP. We believe that churches being responsible for the abuse of children is FAR WORSE than some crosses of St Peter being showcased on this side of the world in memory of a truly humble follower of Jesus, OR upside down upside down crosses, and we wish to have OUR voices heard (alongside other petitioners who've also spoken [mostly from outside Tasmania]). Please RETAIN Dark MOFO and do not subdue it through either censorship or reduced funding. (We'll probably only Crowd Fund it anyway, so ... just listen to us, and retain the Dark Feasting as well.) This event is wonderful for this marvellous little city so near Antarctica.