Get Pa’s Mail Delivered closer!

Get Pa’s Mail Delivered closer!

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Started by Jennifer Webb

I got really Upset today— and I am going to share this Publicly because it’s NOT right.
I was Told today VERY rudely, I might add that it was a straight NO this man can NOT get his mail delivered closer to him. I am including this pictures because you can see the distance that he has walked to get his mail for over 40 years.
He turned 91 years old this year and is such a strong hearted man.
Last month he took a fall that left him with stiches but he has been doing ok but doesn’t go with out his walker now. He is still very Independent and I LOVE that about him, and at 91 years old he DESERVES the right to have his mailbox closer if not delivered to him. Even having his mailbox put next to the neighbors is an option but because it’s just a straight NO. Tell me how is that even right— Simply put it’s not!
Now as you can see here there is an easy way to get him his mail. We will see if minds are changed by Tuesday!
But if not I am determined to get our Pa’s Mail closer to where he can get and enjoy it like he always has!
Adding — He does have a doctors recommendation for this and this is the postmaster’s decision — I have contact USPS on the matter. 
#getpahismail #usps #unitedstatespostalservicePictures to see where his mailbox is


268 have signed. Let’s get to 500!