Pledge to Boycott Poshmark if they Continue to Allow the Bullying of Small Businesses

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   Jade from @fashionwithouttrashin and several other small business owners legally acquired and posted fro resale several clothing items from Danielle Bernstein’s We Wore What Collection. Ms. Bernstein claims they were accidentally donated. Despite the legality of their purchases, Ms. Bernstein has continuously pressured and bullied Jade and the others into giving in to her demand for selling them back to her without compensation for their lost profits. 
   It is obvious that Ms. Bernstein totally disregards the importance of these small businesses and thinks they are beneath her. However, what is even more upsetting is that she says that she has been in contact with the Poshmark CEO and that they will shut down Jade’s page if she reposts the items despite her legal right to do so. Poshmark has ignored Jade’s inquiry to see if what Ms. Bernstein is saying is true. 
   We stand with Jade and other small business owners and will not tolerate the bullying by Ms. Bernstein or businesses that enable this behavior. Jade has been more than fair in her exchange with Ms. Bernstein, but Ms. Bernstein continues to make threats and ignore the well-being of Jade’s business entirely. Poshmark has stood Idly by and allowed this to happen.