Don’t close Banana Eco Camp!

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The Portuguese government wants to close the Banana Eco Camp. The camp is located on the small island of Terceira in the Azores. The camp is home to the young family around Nina, Sergei and their little daughter Zhanet. In addition, they expect another Baby this year. Together with the farmer Bernardo they have built a camp in the middle of a banana farm with their own hands. People of all origins, attitudes and ages meet there. Real friendships develop there, life stories are exchanged and it becomes clear to the guests that they can be at home anywhere in the world. It is a place of well-being. It is the existence of the young family and it is now threatened.

For this reason, we ask you to make an effort so that the camp can continue to exist! Make a difference and sign, so that the government and the authorities understand that this place is to protect and to keep. A place where people are not alone. Please help them and sign the petition!