Consider implementing a CITY-WIDE parking permit scheme in Portsmouth

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Parking has been subject to great debate over the years in Portsmouth. Being one of the most densely populated cities in the United Kingdom, multiple administrations within the council have come up with different schemes to try and figure out how we all park. Whilst I spend a significant amount of my time focussing on other serious matters, such as severe poverty, homelessness and education, I'd like to offer a solution to this, and present it to the current ruling administration of the council and hope that this (collective) will be heard. 

I think we should:

1. Set a city-wide permit scheme (with or without zones). First car free. Other cars at a considerable cost. This is to offset the fact that cars are very damaging to our environment and allows us as individuals to reconsider our own car usage. This cannot be possible without...

2. Better public transport infrastructure in the city. First buses can be expensive, and their routes aren't the best. We need to hold to account bus companies, and offer special dispensation to residents who are travelling in much greener ways. 

3. Work with the University of Portsmouth to encourage students not to bring cars. Whilst a  student HMO will still be under a 'first car free, second very expensive' policy, the council and university need to do more to work together. Maybe a collaboration with events promoters in the city, incentivise students not to bring cars. Subsidise transport costs perhaps, or even make the free university bus take multiple routes and make it accessible to a greater number of people. 

4. Talk to businesses in the area who own considerable amounts of space for evening parking. This is so work-vans can park in those areas. Whilst some may say the problem is student parking, some terraced houses owned by families can see up to three or four cars at their own property. 

5. Talk to businesses again to see what they are doing to encourage staff to car-share. Whilst this may not be possible for small businesses, many national and multi-national businesses operate in Portsmouth and the immediate vicinity, and we should know what their plans are around helping the environment. 

Whilst the three main political parties are currently engaged in a war over this, I hope those who may have a different idea can contribute to this discussion. For me, this is about reducing car use in the city, and sparking debate on whether cars are really that necessary. The be all solution to parking in Portsmouth is a long one, but let's get ideas together instead of meaningless consultations that really only benefit those who even own cars in the first place. I welcome other suggestions from all residents to shape this into a better plan. 

Portsmouth needs to work to be a greener city, and solutions to parking need to follow that example. We can only achieve this by having the right policies in place that benefit the residents, whilst improving general infrastructure in the city. I look forward to seeing your responses. 

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