BILD: Portray men & women equally - end sexism in Europe's biggest newspaper! #BILDsexism

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BILD is a daily tabloid newspaper published in Germany and comparable to UK's The Sun. The BILD-Girl is BILD's equivalent of The Sun's page 3 girl. and BILD, Germany’s best-selling newspaper, significantly impact nearly all aspects of society.

In 2012 they realised that their portrayal of women is disrespectful and degrading: they decided to remove the BILD-Girl from page 1.

However, they did not remove it from the newspaper entirely. They also failed to remove it from’s main page, where it is prominently displayed. 

We demand the complete removal of the BILD-Girl, from all forums.

However, more is needed to promote a culture of mutual respect.

Biased and sexist news coverage can be found in BILD and on on a daily basis. For example, the cleavage of six famous women was printed on BILD’s front page on 17 September — and the readers were encouraged to rate the photos.

These six women are successful personalities in German media. However, unlike their male colleagues, they are objectified and judged only by their looks and sex appeal. 

This contributes to the everyday objectification of women, which leads to disrespectful treatment and even sexual harassment. Studies confirm a dangerous link between objectification and degradation on the one hand, and sexual harassment and violence on the other: In the event of sexual harassment or violence, the victim is being objectified and degraded, too. 

The empirical evidence is alarming. A recent study by the European Union showed that in the EU, one in three women has experienced physical and/or sexual violence. And one in 20 women has been raped since the age of 15 – including female friends of mine. and BILD need to portray men and women in an equally respectful way: women are not a country’s sex objects!



This petition is a matter truly dear to my heart. I created it because I am tired of sexual harassment and sexist comments. Several times before, when I spoke out publicly, I was personally attacked. But not because of the content of my arguments: instead, my gender, sexuality and physical appearance were the target of attacks (and again, this has already happened within the first 24 hours of this petition going online). My studies in London and Oxford have prepared me to continue the fight for equality and respect. Our society needs to change!


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Note: The image above is a collection of images published on and is a representation of its male bias and objectification of women.