Stop the euthanasia of seals, harsher repurcussions for people interfering or feeding them

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AUTHORITIES have euthanised a seal in Portland to protect the public after they say it became aggressive.

It became aggressive because it became so used of its food being supplied via fishermen cleaning their catches and feeding it scraps. Over time the seals fear of humans disapeared  revealing a confident seal prepared to defend its home and food. The seal was a danger to people, but only because people refused to listen and  respect the seals space and need to find food for itself. 

With many more seals in the area, at what point are humans accountable. Help protect our local wildlife and help push for harsher repurcussions for feeding seals. 

Help look after our marine life, wild life, and beautiful nature that makes our coast so special. Do the right thing. 

This petition will be sent out local council and dwlep to help push for more supervision and harsh penalties for those feeding or interfering  with our wildlife, specifically seals.