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Petitioning Superintendent Carole Smith and 10 others

Continue to Bargain With the Portland Association of Teachers


The Portland Association of Teachers’ bargaining proposal preamble, “The Schools Portland Students Deserve”, calls for:

• Reduced class sizes and caseloads
• More electives, music, art, physical education, libraries, and world languages
• Wrap-around support services, including counselors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, second-language and special education teachers
• Equity in allocation of resources to high poverty schools
• Maintenance of enrollment rather that school closures
• Use of standardized testing as only on tool for assessment of students
• Academic freedom and collaboration for professional educators

The Portland Public School district has recently called for mediation and is refusing to continue bargaining face to face with the PAT. Tell the district that you support the PAT's bargaining preamble and they should continue to bargain the issues above, because teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions.

Letter to
Superintendent Carole Smith
Director of Labor Relations Brock Logan
Andrew Davidson
and 8 others
Steve Buel
Greg Belisle
Bobbie Regan
Tom Koehler
Matt Morton
Pam Knowles
Ruth Adkins
Senior Employee and Labor Relations Manager Ross Hume
Continue to Bargain With the Portland Association of Teachers to give students and teachers the schools they deserve.

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