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Hire Substitute Educational Assistants in Portland's Pre-K programs!

-Educational Assistants ( EA's) are integral members of Title I PK classrooms. They support instructional programs, provide small group or one-on-one support, maintain a safe learning environment, and assist with vital daily tasks such as meal service and student supervision.

-Unlike classroom teachers, when EAs are absent, no substitutes are provided.

-When the ratio of students to teachers doubles, students are less likely to get the support and help they need to succeed. Educational programs suffer as a result.

-This policy affects students in all of the Title I PK programs (Beach, Rosa Parks, Woodlawn, Boise-Eliot/Humboldt, and King).

-Funding needs to be secured for Educational Assistant substitutes in the Pre-K programs by the district. Thank you!


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Portland Public School Board Harriet Adair
Portland Public School Board Ramon Diaz
Portland Public School Antonio Lopez
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Portland Public School Willa Campbell
Woodlawn Principal Robin Morrison
PPS Substitute office Patty Blanchard
PPS Manager of Human Resources mtruelov
Portland Public School
Hire Substitute Educational Assistants in Portland's Pre-K programs!

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